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The domain is as old as 2017 but the business is relatively new having been launched in May 2020. There is however a huge growth potential if you keep rates and speed more favorable than the banks. The most important aspect is to build a trust relationshi


This is a niche website and therefore an organic growth is expected. Focus on fewer customers at the beginning. Give them flawless service and they will help you build the volumes gradually.


This PHP website was designed to facilitate quick funds transfer from the UK to Kenya in order to avoid the beauraucratic and expensive traditional bank transfers which takes long and ends up being expensive. With ePay Swift UK, money is deposited in a bank account domiciled in the UK. The sender initiates the transfer from his/her ePay account but the transfer of money is done manually. Deposited amount is on pending status. As soon as you confirm receipt of the funds, the transaction status changes to completed and is available in the sender's account from where he/she can easily transfer the desired amounts to resipients in Kenya. Recipients will require to have an account for the purpose of receiving and withdrawing locally. All the sender needs is the registered email address of the receiver. Once the money is in the recipient's account, he/she can choose to withdraw straight into a bank account or mobile wallet. This transaction can take as fast as 30 minutes. Determine your transaction charges. The system can allow for fee to be paid by both the sender and recipient or either of them.


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